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About our Conveyancing Comparison Service

At we are on a mission to help the British public find a good deal on their conveyancing.

There are three key qualities that we bring together:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Outstanding quality
  • All inclusive pricing

How Do We Do This?

The solicitors carefully supply all of the details needed to arrive a an accurate, all-inclusive online quotation.

We take the details you supply about your sale, purchase or re-mortgage and the clever quotation engine compiles an all-inclusive quotation from the details supplied by each solicitor.

Be careful! - Many other conveyancing services may appear to be less expensive, (such as the £99 legal fee offerings) - but in reality there are other charges you will eventually have to pay. For instance, some other websites omitt charges such as the land registry filing charges which cannot be avoided, and cost between £40 and £910.

Why Compare?

conveyancing lawyers

Not all conveyancing solicitors charge the same, or offer the same quality of service.

For this reason, it is well worth shopping around and reading customer reviews.

Remember - Our Service Has

  • No hidden charges
  • All-inclusive quotations
  • Quality solicitors
  • Genuine customer feedback
  • No move, no legal fee